water inside electric panel                             chimney liner split from water freezing


                      illegal plug inside box/ chipmunk home            7 different kinds of roofing material


              Tank was too tall so the vent makes a loop         There are no words for this unsafe plug.

               The carbon Monoxide level was 600ppm.


              This deck was rotten and termite damaged. The deck was 12 feet off the ground.


A home Newport. the owners kep hearing noises in the attic. The birds broke in and made a heated nest from the bathroom exhaust vent.                    



                         This home had a laundry room in the rear mud room. someone ran a gas line through the 

                         baseboard heater into the room. The gas line measured 190 degrees with a thermometer.


                                              Why do Decks have to be lagged to the house????? This photo and the Published article can be found on line @ www.inspectopedia.com 

This home had large bags of Vermiculite attic insulation stored in the attic, and spread in the joist bays, There were Asbestos training manuals laying on the bags, but the owner did not know the insulation contained Asbestos fibers. The mauals were from a heating class years earlier, and the books were stored in the attic.