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Is the leading cause of lung cancer in the united states among non smokers. Radon gas is a by product of  soil decomposition, and exists in EVERY home. This gas is a radioactive  material that causes lung cancer, and it is found in high levels in Parts of  Rhode Island

 Notice-special limitations apply- The property MUST be inspection ready at time of inspection, and meet the requirements for "closed house conditions" as mandated by State Radon Control regulations.  Advantage Home Inspections reserves the right to determine test material/ device for Radon test. Specific request for test device may be additional fees.

Enters the home through small openings in the homes foundation and wall penetrations such as pipe entrances and cracks in the walls or floor. RADON GAS is odorless,tasteless and invisible, but causes damage even though you can't feel its effects. RADON can also be found in well water which you can not taste. having a radon test conducted is the only way to know if the problem exists. While some still believe that Radon gas cannot be fixed, The opposite is true. Radon Mitigation is very simple and common today. Please take note that there are some slight differences in the two manuals below.

Citizens guide to Radon manual. 

Home buyers and sellers guide to Radon.

MOLD SPORES  find their way into the carpet and fabrics of the home , as well as duct work of the heating system spreading bacteria throughout the home. MOLD can cause respiratory problems and cause severe problems for people with Athsma. Mold can grow rapidly in damp basements and damage finished walls and rooms.

Many older homes have asbestos insulation on heating pipes and furnace duct work, which when inhaled leaves tiny particles of the fibers embedded in the lining of your lungs. These particles then become covered over with tissue and lead to an illness known as Mesothelioma , or Asbestosis this illness can cause serious breathing problems. see more at www.asbestos&   Here are some other helpful links

Vermiculite attic insulation

The tell all book about the EPA cover up scandal regarding vermiculite contamination.  A very good read.

Lead can be found in some water systems even though there is a municipal water supply. The materials used in older homes to supply water from the street was lead piping. Over time lead particles can be released into the water supply. some older homes have copper pipes, but the solder used to join the pipes contains lead, and can be just as harmful as lead pipes. RI Dept of Health water regs.

 Public water regs. 

Well water regs.

Septic Inspection and Evaluation

A septic system is a very important and expensive component of a home where sewers are not provided. To know if the system is working properly and has been maintained well, you should always have the system checked by a trained septic inspector. In the event that the system is not working, repairs or replacement could cost anywhere from $2000.00 to $40,000.00 . A septic inspection is one of the most important steps in a home inspection you should NEVER skip.

RI septic regulations.

Flood evaluation

After a flood, there are hundreds of things that can become troublesome in your home. Did the furnace get damaged? was the water heater damaged? will I have a mold problem? Did the water damage the foundation of my house? is the foundation undermined by water?  We  test the basement for Microbial growth with a state of the art Microbial test kit. We check all of these things for you to give you piece of mind and safety.

Pest control services

Advantage home inspections is proud to announce we are now a Rhode island state licensed and certified pest control contractor. 


There are many testing materials available today, please feel free to ask the inspector about any specific test or concern that you may want to discuss.


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Many older homes were insulated with expanded vermiculite insulation. Vermiculite once  came from a Mine in Libby Montana that was contaminated with Tremolite Asbestos. We inspect the insulation in every home to determine if this product is present and provide valuable information on what to do if found.  For more information please visit